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A Leading Provider of Actionable Real World Evidence

We aim to improve health outcomes by enabling evidence-based decisions. We use real world data to generate actionable patient-centric insights, to find misdiagnosed or undertreated patients, to publish evidence in collaboration with therapeutic experts and to support business and clinical decision making.


We deliver real world insights, designed to meet the needs of the pharma industry. Bringing advanced analytics, statistical modelling and machine learning to longitudinal healthcare data.

Harnessing real world data to improve patient outcomes

A secure, powerful, evidentiary solution; everything that Prospection does is for the betterment of patients.

Prospection is helping you make evidence-based decisions with our proprietary health data analytics solutions. We have developed a powerful set of tools that offers unprecedented speed to therapeutic evidence, understanding patient cohorts to show where and when treatment outcomes can be improved in the real world setting.

We gather and present longitudinal patient data in easily searchable dashboards, presented in pharma-minded formats to give you quick access to business critical information. From specialised treatment journeys to mapping patient trends, our analytic offerings are scalable to your market.

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