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Data Governance

Acquiring the right datasets whilst safeguarding privacy is paramount

The abundance of healthcare data can be harnessed to positively impact both patients and the healthcare industry. Gathering comprehensive datasets from leading suppliers, and handling them with utmost vigilance, is essential in delivering our capabilities. We are consolidating the world’s medical data into securely mapped databases, safeguarding our privacy for the future.

A trusted and safe partner for data vendors

Prospection is well-equipped to handle government and private datasets. Agreements with data partners clearly define the purpose of use. All data is stored and handled within a secure IT environment.

Risk management protocols in place

A dedicated steering committee employs a third-party framework that ensures fulfillment of obligations and ethical requirements. All data is de-identified and never re-identified.

Accreditations and Audits

Prospection undergoes audits by the Australian Department of Health, and is working towards external accreditation.

Employing the 5 Safes Framework to meet our privacy, confidentiality and data supplier obligations.

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