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We are Prospection

A Leading Provider of Actionable Real World Evidence

We aim to improve health outcomes by enabling evidence-based decisions. We use real world data to generate actionable patient-centric insights, to find misdiagnosed or undertreated patients, to publish evidence in collaboration with key opinion leaders and to support clinical decision making.

The Prospection Advantage

Real World Insights

We take untethered patient and pharma data and map treatment journeys, translating it into actionable insights. Target treatments like never before and pinpoint opportunities for treatment intervention.

Commercial Effectiveness

Prospection is dedicated to improving treatment outcomes. We are partnered with global pharmaceutical companies with successful large-scale projects and have extensive reach throughout the Asia Pacific, UK and USA.

Advanced Analytics

The ability for machine learning to analyse patterns in data far exceeds our own. Prospection-developed algorithms consider geospatial and patient data alongside each other to identify target patient cohorts, treatment barriers, opportunities for better health outcomes and more.

Secure Environment

Data is our greatest asset, so we protect it with the highest levels of security. We only work with trusted data vendors for secure, uncorrupted information.

Harnessing real world data to improve patient outcomes

A secure, powerful, evidentiary solution; everything that Prospection does is for the betterment of patients.

Prospection is helping you make evidence-based decisions with our proprietary healthcare data analytics solutions. We have developed a powerful set of tools that offers unprecedented speed to evidence for therapeutic research, finding patient cohorts and where treatment outcomes can be improved from amongst the huge volume of medical datasets. We gather and present longitudinal patient data in easily searchable dashboards, presented in pharma-minded formats to give you quick access to business critical information. From specialised treatment journeys to mapping patient trends, our analytic offerings are scalable to your market. For further detail, have a look at what our services can provide.

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