Pharma Intelligence

AI-driven pharma intelligence

Prospection’s Pharma Intelligence Japan unit is bringing competitive market knowledge and global medical insights to pharmaceutical consulting on a whole new scale. Using machine learning algorithms, we analyse the most comprehensive sets of patient level data possible to empower our clients to make highly informed decisions for the future.

What are the benefits?

Discover our Pharma Intelligence capabilities

Pharma Intelligence Japan Services

Technology is changing the landscape of pharmaceutical business intelligence, and our Pharma Intelligence Japan services are at the very forefront. Supported by medical and technical specialists, we’re providing big data solutions for the pharma market.

Patient Insights

Prospection’s own software collects patient generated health data from global markets to uncover healthcare journeys in new depth. We’re mapping out the most effective treatments and pathways for you to precision target patients and improve health outcomes.

Tactics and Patient Finding

Using predictive modelling powered by historic patient data, we’re improving early diagnosis and treatment. With datasets for over 90 disease areas, we’re identifying potential patients and grouping cohorts to give you pharma competitive intelligence across Japan.

Real World Evidence

Prospection provides statistics that matter, mapping gathered data to real world scenarios. In the hands of medical experts, the information we discover is used to publish research and provide pharma consulting.

Decisions Support

Overseen by qualified medical experts, the LPD that we map is rigorous, evidentiary, and targeted towards optimising your pharmaceutical pipeline.