Pharma Intelligence
Singapore & APAC Region

Tech-powered pharma intelligence

Prospection’s Pharma Intelligence Singapore team uses a unique, AI-driven model to extract actionable insights from massive amounts of healthcare information. Our predictive models are built from longitudinal patient data (LPD) and global market trends to deliver pharma competitive intelligence, unlocking highly informed clinical and commercial decision-making for our clients.
With Prospection, you will:

Discover our Pharma Intelligence capabilities

Pharma Intelligence Singapore Services

Our Pharma Intelligence Singapore services puts our clients in front of emerging markets and treatments. Through machine learning predictive analytics, we are accelerating the pharma market toward new frontiers.

Patient Insights

Unlock new insights into patient healthcare and treatment outcomes through Prospection’s finely tuned analytic algorithms. Drawing from vast amounts of historic patient generated health data, we give you the most comprehensive patient profiles to target your pharma projects.

Tactics and Patient Finding

With predictive analytics built from patient level data, Prospection’s software gives pharma competitive intelligence. Unearth whole new demographics for treatment by following LPD mapped to consumer journeys, highlighting every opportunity for intervention.

Real World Evidence

Understand the patient experience with statistical evidence focused on real scenarios. Look at patient generated health data that reveals modern healthcare journeys and funnel your pharma pipeline toward creating better treatment outcomes.

Decisions Support

Proactively monitor patient level data to make evidence-backed decisions for your pharmaceutical pipeline. Prospection’s predictive analytics uses verifiable statistical data to project the best commercial decision for your pharma portfolio.