Pharma Intelligence
United Kingdom

AI-enabled pharmaceutical business intelligence

Prospection is providing data-led decision making for the medical world. Our Pharma Intelligence UK projects team connects patient level data to real world applications, giving our clients market insights they can act upon. A partnership with Prospection is a move toward better patient health outcomes.

Access these benefits:

Discover our Pharma Intelligence capabilities

Pharma Intelligence UK Services

Access new insights about the patient journey in the UK. Our Pharma Intelligence UK services break down the data to spot market trends and treatment opportunities, so you can make more informed decisions.

Patient Insights

Gain access to comprehensive longitudinal patient data (LPD) compiled by our analytic software. Discover new insights into healthcare journeys and optimise your pharma pipeline using accurate patient level data.

Tactics and Patient Finding

Bolster your pharma project strategies with AI powered predictive modelling. Prospection’s machine learning algorithms look at patterns within enormous quantities of patient generated health data to locate new markets and equip you with the most pharma competitive intelligence.

Real World Evidence

Collect high-quality patient data faster using Prospection’s software. Our analytic algorithms use the metrics that matter to find actionable real world evidence, supporting clinical research and pharmaceutical consulting across the UK and abroad.

Decisions Support

Become more competitive in the market by using LPD for swift, comprehensive evidence. Support your R&D and pharma pipeline with accurate reads of patient healthcare pathways and predict discontinuation rates for existing treatments.