Prospection launches in Japan

Today, we announce the opening of our Japan headquarters. With the appointment of health informatics and pharmaceutical veteran Kaoru Sato to lead our Japan operations. The new office in Tokyo will enable Prospection to work closely with international pharmaceutical and research partners. Offering the full suite of our health data science capabilities.

Prospection uses predictive analytics and machine learning, with real-world healthcare data, to unearth insights that improve patient outcomes. Over the last 12 months we have seen increasing demand for data science in the health sector. Extracting integrated insights, leads to better decision making and ultimately improved treatment access for patients.

International Capability

We began working with a major Global Pharmaceutical Company within the Japan and Asia Pacific markets in 2019. The organisation is using the PharmMap tool to integrate commercial and operational data into a single view. Using geospatial mapping algorithms, which provide meaningful insights to inform strategic decisions and help locate opportunities to improve treatment options. We have commenced working with other pharmaceutical organisations in Japan. Leading to the decision to establish operations in Japan to meet the needs of our clients.

Kaoru Sato has been appointed as Director of Customer Success and will lead the Japan operations. He brings deep clinical expertise, having worked across health informatics and pharmaceuticals in Japan at notable companies PwC, Covance, Novartis/Sandoz and most recently as principal of IQVIA.

As one of the largest pharmaceutical markets in the world, Japan has incredibly rich datasets, helping to inform Prospection’s predictive analytic tools and resulting in more accurate patient diagnostics and outcomes.

Prospection CEO and Co-Founder, Eric Chung

“Across the globe, patients are battling with many of the same conditions. We’re on a mission to deliver real community benefits to as many people as possible. Our launch into Japan is the next step in this journey, enabling us to improve patient outcomes across Asia”

“Our recent funding has enabled us to invest in machine learning R&D, improving versions of our PharmMap and PharmDash products, as well as facilitating our Asian expansion. We’re excited to be opening our first office outside of Australia with Kaoru Sato’s expertise and ultimately providing improved outcomes to more patients across the region.”


Prospection has established operations in Japan, with the opening of a local Japan office and appointing Kaoru Sato as Director of Customer Success to head the local team. Prospection is now working with pharmaceutical companies, research institutes and data partners to meet the growing needs of the Japan market.

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