A guide to bringing AI to life (in products) responsibly

Prospection's CTO unveils the ethical principles that guide the company's responsible harnessing of AI's potential to enhance health care. The charter prioritizes human empowerment, privacy, collaboration, accountability, and more to shape AI that improves patient care and helps customers optimize market share.

As an engineer and a leader of a business that looks to make a positive impact on the lives of patients, the importance of applying new technology in ways that not only solve problems in the short term, but do so in a way that is sustainable, ethical and effective, means a lot to me.

That’s why I’m proud to be writing today that we’re launching a charter that articulates the ethical principles and values that guide our development and use of AI at Prospection. It’s a promise to ourselves, our customers, and the broader community that we will harness the power of AI responsibly and transparently to contribute to meaningful progress in health care.

The charter lays out ten core tenets that are fundamental to AI-powered solutions like Prospection AI. By empowering human progress, ensuring privacy and ethics, promoting transparency and collaboration, and keeping the patient front and center, we hold ourselves to a higher standard. Our mission is to create AI that augments human capabilities so we can uncover insights to improve care and share outcomes.

Accountability is also key. We acknowledge AI does not have all the answers today, nor do we have infinite wisdom in how best to apply it. That’s why the charter commits us to continuous improvement through open dialogue, education, and integrity. We’ll learn from successes as well as missteps to refine our models and solutions over time.

The charter articulates the vision and guardrails that enable us to advance AI responsibly as we work to assist customers to transform patient experiences through intelligent systems. But it’s only words on paper without ingraining these principles across our teams and processes daily. We strive to live up to this charter in all we do because earning trust is a continuous act. I’m proud this charter formalizes our pledge to progress AI for good. 

Prospection’s AI Charter:

Prospection is committed to harnessing the power of AI (Artificial Intelligence) to transform the ways our customers manage their patient care and market share objectives. Our approach to AI is grounded in clear principles that prioritize ethics, transparency, and meaningful impact. Here’s the principles we apply to ensure we use AI responsibly and ethically. 

1. Empowering Human Progress

We believe AI should enhance human potential, not replace it. Our AI solutions are designed to support and amplify human capabilities, enabling better decision-making and insights that improve patient care and drive commercial success.

2. Ethical Use and Privacy

Respect for privacy and ethical considerations are non-negotiable. We’re committed to handling data responsibly, ensuring the privacy of patients, healthcare professionals, and all stakeholders. Data security and compliance with regulations are paramount.

3. Transparency and Explainability

We’re dedicated to creating AI solutions that are transparent and understandable. We’ll always strive to make our AI processes and outcomes explainable, so users can trust and make informed decisions based on AI-generated insights.

4. Evidence-Based Innovation

Innovation should be driven by evidence and real-world impact. Our AI solutions are built on a foundation of rigorous research, sound scientific principles, and validation through real-world data to ensure their effectiveness and value.

5. Collaboration and Inclusivity

AI flourishes when diverse minds collaborate. We’re committed to fostering an inclusive environment that values diverse perspectives, talents, and experiences, ensuring that our AI solutions address a wide range of healthcare challenges.

6. Continuous Learning and Improvement

AI is a journey, not a destination. We’ll continuously learn from AI applications, refine our models, and adapt to changing healthcare landscapes to ensure our solutions remain relevant and effective over time.

7. Patient-Centricity and Empathy

Patients are at the heart of health care, and so are our AI solutions. We’ll design and use AI with a patient-centric focus, ensuring that our technologies contribute to better patient outcomes and experiences.

8. Responsible Innovation

AI innovation should consider long-term societal impact. We’ll rigorously assess potential risks and benefits of AI applications, striving for solutions that positively influence health care while minimizing unintended consequences.

9. Open Dialogue and Education

We’re committed to fostering open conversations about AI. We’ll provide education, resources, and transparent communication to ensure our stakeholders understand the potential and limitations of AI in health care, and in the management of their products.

10. Accountability and Integrity

We take responsibility for our AI technologies. If something goes wrong, we’ll openly acknowledge and address the issue, learning from our mistakes to continually improve our AI solutions.