AFR BOSS 2021 Most Innovative Company

Prospection honoured to make the AFR BOSS 2021 Most Innovative Company list for Healthcare Industries.

Prospection is honoured to be recognised as one of Australia and New Zealand’s Most Innovative Companies. The prestigious annual list, published by The Australian Financial Review and Boss Magazine, is based on a rigorous assessment process managed by Australia’s leading innovation consultancy, Inventium, in conjunction with a panel of industry expert judges.

We ranked #10 on the HEALTHCARE INDUSTRY list, from over 700 nominated organisations across Australia and New Zealand. The assessment measures a top innovation implemented in the past two years. Specifically, the judges look at how valuable the problem is that the innovation is solving, the quality and uniqueness of the solution, and the level of impact that the innovation has had. Companies are also assessed on a number of internal elements such as innovation culture, strategy, resources and process, which demonstrate a sustainable and repeatable approach to innovation. The full list can be viewed HERE.

Our innovation, Prospection’s Patient Finder Tool, solved a challenge in the UK for Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH), a rare and often delayed or misdiagnosed condition. Patients experience significant delays in diagnosis, referral and treatment, with PAH often diagnosed as chronic respiratory conditions such as asthma.  This delay leads to impacts on morbidity, mortality and QoL due to patients not receiving the right treatment at the right time. Working with our client, use different datasets to map the PAH journey, visualising where it can be improved. Providing evidence to inform strategy and program design, and where and when to resources are needed.

The tool integrates multiple datasets across the different stages of a patients treatment journey.  From diagnosis, referral and treatment we can understand the bottle necks, identifying where patients might get stuck.  It can also compare for differences in different locations. Appropriate programs can be developed and deployed to improve outcomes.  Informed decisions such as education programs, referral tools, patient support or where and when resources are required based on real world evidence.