Bridging the Gap: How Patient-centric Intelligence is Transforming Pharmaceutical Launches

Eric Chung, co-founder of Prospection, shares his experience on how patient-centric intelligence (PCI) can transform pharmaceutical launches. Learn how leveraging vast patient data and advanced techniques like machine learning can produce intelligence that optimises launch strategies, improves resource allocation, and ultimately enhances patient care.

Over the last 12 years with Prospection, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing firsthand how patient-centric intelligence can improve the way pharmaceutical companies approach their launch strategies. It’s well known that the success of a drug launch hinges on the ability to make data-driven decisions, and that’s exactly where our focus has been since we began—and what our platform, Prospection AI, enables today.

At Prospection, we leverage vast amounts of longitudinal patient data and apply advanced techniques, including machine learning (ML), to provide pharmaceutical companies with unprecedented insights into patient journeys, treatment patterns, and outcomes. These insights are proving invaluable in shaping drug launch strategies and ultimately improving patient care. 

Understanding Patients – their needs, their behaviors

One of the key ways we’re seeing patient-centric intelligence transform pharmaceutical launches is by helping companies identify and understand their target patient populations. Traditionally, pharmaceutical companies have relied on clinical trial data and market research to inform their launch strategies. While valuable, these sources often provide an incomplete picture of the real-world patient experience. By analyzing hundreds-of-millions of patient records, Prospection AI can identify the characteristics of patients most likely to benefit from a new drug, as well as the barriers they may face in accessing treatment. This information enables pharmaceutical companies to tailor their messaging, education, and support programs to better meet the needs of specific patient subgroups, ultimately improving the chances of a successful launch.

Right teams, right place

Another way patient-centric intelligence is transforming pharmaceutical launches is by enabling companies to optimize their resource allocation. Launching a new drug is a complex and expensive undertaking, requiring significant investments in sales, marketing, and market access activities. Without a clear understanding of where to focus these resources, companies risk wasting time and money on ineffective strategies. Prospection AI provides pharmaceutical companies with the insights they need to make informed decisions about resource allocation, allowing them to prioritize their efforts and maximize their return on investment.

Success across the board

The impact of patient-centric intelligence on pharmaceutical launches is already being felt across the industry. In fact, one of our long-time customers, a pharmaceutical company, achieved multiple global number one key product launches over several years while using our platform. By leveraging patient-centric intelligence, this company was able to optimize its launch strategies and outperform its competitors in the countries where it deployed the platform.

Beyond driving commercial success, patient-centric intelligence also has the potential to address care and share leaks, ultimately benefiting patients, providers, and pharmaceutical companies alike. By identifying gaps in patient care and market share, companies can develop targeted initiatives to improve access to treatment and support patients throughout their journeys.

Future forward

As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, I firmly believe that patient-centric intelligence will play an increasingly critical role in shaping the future of pharmaceutical launches. By bridging the gap between clinical trials and real-world patient experiences, companies can develop more effective launch strategies, optimize resource allocation, and ultimately improve patient outcomes. At Prospection, we’re proud to be leading the way in this transformation, and we’re excited to see the potential of patient-centric intelligence unfold in the years to come.


Prospection has been providing solutions and services to pharma analytics and commercial teams for more than 10 years. Its proprietary Patient-centric Intelligence Core transforms RWD into intelligence, and powers a range of solutions including the flagship brand management platform, Prospection AI. 

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