Case Study: Rare disease (PAH) – Patient finding

The Prospection Platform helped a top pharmaceutical company simplify complex brand decision making surrounding Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH) to support patient programs with the aim to deliver earlier diagnoses and better referral programs. Our analysis identified anomalies across geographies for diagnosis and referrals by specialties. We equipped our client with these on-demand insights that enabled them to determine PAH stakeholders and decide how to achieve earlier diagnosis, better referrals, and improved patient outcomes.

Our client’s challenge 

Pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) is a rare cardiovascular disease. Patients generally present with confounding symptoms that often result in a long and complex pathway to diagnosis. Many patients remain undiagnosed or take years to be correctly diagnosed before accessing appropriate treatment, often resulting in years of frustration. If treatment is significantly delayed it can potentially increase the risk of mortality.

In most cases, a general practitioner (GP) will refer a patient to a respiratory specialist, cardiologist or rheumatologist, depending on their symptoms. It is only once they reach this secondary level of care that patients undergo a specific diagnostic screening process. In the UK, if PAH is diagnosed, patients are referred to one of seven PAH Expert Centres for treatment.

To reduce the potential morbidity and mortality of PAH, our client wanted to better understand the varying levels of disease diagnosis across counties in the UK to identify where in the therapeutic journey patients were delayed from being diagnosed and accessing treatment. More specifically, they wanted to: (i) identify the level of underdiagnosis [by county]; (ii) understand the reasons for delayed diagnosis; (iii) understand drivers of underdiagnosis, at secondary care level and; (iv) highlight the potential for more accurate diagnosis at the primary care level. By identifying specific geographic areas, the client could focus their healthcare professional (HCP) education, disease awareness activities and patient/HCP support initiatives to improve diagnostic processes in areas of high need.

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Case Study: Rare disease (PAH) – Patient finding

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