Japan healthcare data access agreement

Prospection announces a unique data access agreement with leading Japanese medical data company Medical Data Vision Co., Ltd. (MDV).

Today we announce a unique data access agreement with leading Japanese medical data company Medical Data Vision Co., Ltd. (MDV).

The agreement opens access to the world’s second largest pharmaceutical market. Prospection can now provide global pharmaceutical companies and researchers access to comprehensive and longitudinal data covering more than 40 million people in Japan at more than 470 hospitals.

Combining our expertise in predictive analytics and machine learning with real-world healthcare data. Prospection’s agreement with MDV will provide pharmaceutical companies across the world with unique access to patient diagnostic and medication data from hospitals across Japan, unlocking potential to assess a wealth of different health conditions. Offering the ability to understand treatment utilisation and outcomes of different cancers as an example.

Accessing patient history and prefecture level data, allows analysis of disease progression, disease outcomes and the mapping of disease courses to provide evidence on areas where there is opportunity to address unmet needs.  When distilled further, this creates an opportunity to assess patient data on a regional level to find geographical areas where patients or health centres require additional support for specific disease and conditions. Leveraging these insights, companies can build programs to deploy their resources when and where they will have the greatest impact.

Prospection’s access to Japan’s most comprehensive medical data sets is a significant milestone, offering the capability to understand and compare health conditions on a global scale . Prospection currently provides real-time access to longitudinal patient data across 15 datasets across the world, including Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, USA and the UK.

Global Healthcare Benefits

According to academic research,*  only 60% of healthcare is in line with evidence-based guidelines, with the remaining  40% being classed as wasteful, low value or in some cases harmful.  Through the analysis of  the longitudinal history of hundreds of millions of patients, Prospection’s technology can help the healthcare industry to assess the use, value and outcomes of treatments to find that 40% and identify how it can be optimised.

By enabling pharmaceutical companies and health researchers across the globe to better understand the full cycle of  health conditions and disease journeys, this data will allow global life science companies to:

1.  Collect patient and market insights

Through the analysis of specific health conditions and patient journeys, pharmaceutical companies can determine where, when and how to invest their resources and how to position their brand within the Japanese pharmaceutical market while forecasting supply chain, and developing models for market access.

2. Find patients and develop tactical plans

Life science companies can utilise the data to identify where patients with the highest disease burden for their treatment offerings are being treated geographically.  Companies can then deploy their regional in-field teams with the right messages to support clinicians to help these patients requiring treatment. .

3.  Publish data

Access to one of the most comprehensive Japanese medical data sets also creates an opportunity to add to the clinical body of evidence for health conditions to help inform a better understanding of specific diseases. 

4.  Receive decision support

Provide trigger events to assist with targeted education when it is needed most, supporting clinician at point of care with the patient.

What does this opportunity mean for Japan? Kaoru Sato, Country Manager, Japan, said: “As one of the largest pharmaceutical markets in the world, Japan has incredibly rich datasets. Working with Medical Data Vision gives us the opportunity to access a dataset of approximately 40 million patients, creating  a unique opportunity to use advanced analytic tools to accelerate precision medicine to enable the right patient to receive the right treatment at the right time in their journey”.

When considering how this agreement brings Prospection one step closer to our mission to make a different to patient outcomes through analysing health data. CEO and Co-founder, Eric Chung sums it up nicely.

“We are very excited to be working with MDV in our latest data access agreement. Combining MDV’s large and comprehensive dataset with  Prospections global reach and extensive expertise working with datasets across the world will not only allow MNC pharmaceutical companies to work with patient data from Japan, but will also open a broader understanding of different health conditions across the world. This agreement brings us one step closer to enhancing precision medicine to find the 40% of patients that can be optimised.”

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