Patient-Centric Brand Growth with ChatGPT, Predictive AI and On-Demand Patient Journey

Explore the transformative power of AI, GPT and predictive analytics and how it can benefit patient-centric brand growth.

Explore the transformative power of AI combined with patient-level data and how it can benefit patient-centric brand growth within the pharmaceutical industry. In this panel discussion, three leaders from Prospection shed light on how AI technologies, patient claims data and user-friendly analytics platforms are revolutionising the way life sciences businesses launch and manage brands while driving improved business and health outcomes.

You will discover how ChatGPT can be used to enable personalised interactions with data that result in decision-enabling insights. With patient-centricity becoming an increasingly essential part of enhancing clinical outcomes, this webinar highlights the role of patient claims data in delivering improved business outcomes and health outcomes. In addition, the panel discusses how Predictive AI algorithms leverage longitudinal patient claims data to unlock strategic insights for drug launches, treatment patterns and brand optimization.

The featured speakers share their expertise and experiences in leveraging AI, longitudinal patient-level data and user-friendly analytics platforms to shape patient-centric pharmaceutical strategies. Learn about the criticality of patient journey insights, the power of AI and their transformative impact on business and health outcomes.

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