Eric Chung

As a co-founder of Prospection, Eric has built a business fueled by deep understanding of the life sciences industry. He has become a leading thinker around innovative ways to process real world data and the use of patient-level data for powering better business decisions and helping patients achieve better health outcomes. Eric brings 20 years of insights from business consulting with Accenture, start-up creation and management, and data and analytics across multiple industries.

Dr Peter Cronin

Cancer patient at 21, medical doctor at 30, successful first healthcare start-up and exit by 36. Dr. Peter Cronin brings a wealth of technical knowledge to Prospection with his qualifications in medicine, business, and technology, as well as over 20 years’ experience working in clinical practices and successful healthcare business building.

Ricky Chen

Ricky has over 15 years’ experience leading innovation and building engineering teams across a range of industries, including financial services, healthcare, gaming, mining and research. Ricky graduated from UNSW, winning the world AI robotic soccer championship with co-founder Eric Chung, back in 2003.