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Patient Data Analytics

Turning patient-level data into meaningful information

We collect patient data to give you the ultimate resource for understanding patient behaviour and needs. Using our Prospection platform, we group information in a quick-access interface that can be filtered for instant cross-sectional views of your targeted patients. Gain insight into who needs your treatments and where your pharmaceutical presence needs to be.

The predictive powers of our machine learning analytics also enable you to project which patient segments are most likely to require your specific treatment options at a later date. Forecast brand demand and resource spending and stay on top of emerging trends within the pharma market with Prospection.

Leverage Patient Data Analytics to:

Identify the right patients at the right time. Historical data gives you an edge in locating your demographics, giving evidentiary support to link patients to treatments options.
Find new patients by using aggregated patient level data to identify opportunities for medical intervention. Our data analysis will highlight precedents and identify unmet needs in previously overlooked segments.
Gain access to national and international databases to make data-led business decisions. Push your scope to greater heights with wide-ranging access to clinical and patient information.
Gain comprehensive access to patient insights to generate an accurate treatment model. Extract inputs to inform forecast, demand plans and reimbursement models. Use our cohort analysis and predictive software to see what is likely to be waiting on the market horizon.

Our Prospection platform, synthesises longitudinal data regardless of volume and complexity.