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Pharma Data Analytics & Software

Closing the gap between analysis and insight through powerful software and data visualisation

Accelerating the process from data gathering to building models, and then turning them into actionable insight, presents a significant advantage to pharma companies. With our advanced pharma data analytics and software, we can synthesise and manage vast amounts of data coming from various sources. We give clients the power of visualisation – the ability to make different queries across vast data sets. Incorporating more data, across larger demographics, delivered faster than ever before. EMR, claims, dispensing and commercial data allow a comprehensive view of clinical, patient and commercial behaviours. This means both speed and clarity in delivering healthcare data analytics to a range of users within your organisation.

Leverage Pharma Data Analytics & Software to:

Speed up the process for product launch and market access by examining real world treatment data and use predictive data to determine the course of action that would yield best results.
Reduce the cost and time spent on pre- and post-marketing research studies by taking into account more factors, therefore quickly identifying and quantifying patient and prescriber behaviours.
Develop targeted education programs medication for specific prescribers or patient populations by pinpointing patterns in shared traits.
Observe patient behaviour across the different stages in the patient journey to improve drug utilisation or improve efficacy of treatment.

Our Prospection platform, synthesises longitudinal data regardless of volume and complexity.