Values Award Recipients

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Recognition Awards Winners

At Prospection we believe that our values drive our behaviours and they’re what make all of us at Prospection stand out from the crowd.

Congratulations to all of our winners and thank you for being such an amazing Prospection team member!

Jim Zhai | PharmDash Engineering Team

“He has great knowledge of our products and how they work. He could answer all questions a newcomer would encounter or when a problem pops up, he knows what goes wrong.”

Simon Gerber | PharmMap Engineering Team

“I think Simon is really helping us move to improve a lot of our processes and also has a wealth of information and experiences that he is always happy to share.”

Gaby Almeida | PharmDash Engineering Team

“She has an amazing ability to bring a strong process vision to where we are now.”

Massimo Nonis | PharmDash Product Team

“Massimo always ensures that as a team we all can try to understand our business problems from a user point of view. He also encourages the team to think about the users and to change our initial way of thinking.”

Marjorie Carpo | PharmDash Product Team

“Marj, is a true team player and actively seeks to provide a contribution to make a real difference to Prospection products.”

Paul Rule | PharmMap Engineering Team

“Paul is really good at slowing us down and asking the right questions to get to the root of the problem.”

Veronica Pei | PharmDash Product Team

“She also always ensures she learns everything deeply so she can truly understand each feature and algorithm to be able to answer all the questions she gets asked.”

Tung Tran | Engineering Team

“Tung always commits 100% of effort to all client deliveries to ensure we meet deadlines. He doesn’t shy away from difficult tasks and always picks up on edge cases and communicates clearly with the team before development can commence.”

James Federow | Customer Success Team

“James is a constant voice of the client and Prospection value proposition, he manages the balance of delivering what the client needs and what is value Prospection can provide.”

Vincent Caillet | PharmDash Delivery Team

“Consistently goes above and beyond to understand client needs to get to the heart of the problem to build the best solutions to meet client needs.”

Ronald Chan | PharmDash Delivery Team

“Ron is always happy, he always greets you with his fabulous smile and can-do attitude. Ron goes above and beyond.”

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